Our Services


Fear Free and Feline Friendly Certifed


To ensure every pet has the greatest opportunity for a long, healthy, happy life, we offer proactive care for their individual needs. Our preventative care includes a wellness exam, vaccines, early diagnosis, testing, and more. A proactive approach to care prevents disease and promotes the highest quality of life for pets.


Vaccinations prevent disease and promote a healthy life for pets. During your exam, we can provide the required vaccines for your pet as well as recommend and administer vaccines based on your pet’s needs.

Surgical Procedures

We offer surgical procedures using the most advanced techniques and technology. We perform surgeries based on your pet’s needs including spay, neuter, emergency surgery, oral surgery, tumor removal and biopsy, orthopedic repair, laceration repair, and more. Prior to surgery, we collect and analyze bloodwork and review your pet’s medical history to create an individualized anesthesia plan.


The surest way to guarantee your pet’s safe return if lost is with a microchip. Microchip implantation is simple, safe, affordable, and permanent. Each microchip has a unique identifying code, which, when scanned, connects your pet to your contact information, significantly increasing the odds of a safe return.


We provide pets with professional cleanings, dental diagnostics, and advanced dental procedures like root canals and caps. Good oral health can extend your pet’s life, and prevent disease, oral infection, and unnecessary pain.


Our dermatology services include diagnosis and treatment for allergies, hot spots, dry and itchy skin, rash, fur loss, and other skin conditions. Following proper diagnostic testing, we will devise a treatment plan from many available options. If left untreated skin conditions may worsen and become infected.

Nutrional Counseling

Nutritional counseling allows your pet to maintain good health. We can assess your pet’s dietary needs to ensure they are receiving proper nutrition for all life stages. Our counseling includes weight management and identifying dietary imbalances which often cause gastrointestinal discomfort as well as dermatological problems. We can also recommend food, treats, and dietary supplements.

Behavior Consults

A complete approach to your pet’s health includes caring for their behavioral needs and offering the best opportunity for the human-pet bond to strengthen. This can require some guidance for unwanted or worrisome pet behaviors like barking, chewing, anxiety, and more. Dr. Cahill has a special interest in diagnosing and treating urinary and anxiety issues in cats.



Our state-of-the-art hospital is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools. Our diagnostic technology allows us to take a non-invasive approach with digital x-rays and ultrasounds. We also provide quick and accurate diagnoses and testing using our in-house laboratory.

Laser Surgery

At Academy Animal Hospital, we offer laser surgery which promotes quick healing and allows us to operate with precision.

Online Store

For the convenience of our pet owners, we offer a variety of products in our online store. We offer a large selection of pet healthcare products. These include prescription medications, supplements, dental care products, grooming products, and flea, tick, and heartworm preventative medications. Using our store, you can order your pet’s prescriptions and care products easily. We even offer scheduled refills, so your pet’s products arrive at your home when you need them.

Senior Wellness

As our pets age, their veterinary needs change. We tailor our care to fit the needs of your pets as they enter their ‘golden years.’ Because senior pets often experience greater risk for internal diseases along with bone and joint issues, we provide wellness examines that target underlying conditions to identify and treat conditions before they progress.

Palliative Care

We offer compassionate care as your pet ages and the time comes to shift to end-of-life care due to a terminal illness or a chronic condition. Your pet’s comfort is of utmost priority. We can help pet owners make decisions during these stressful and difficult times. We provide honest assessments of your pet’s needs and quality of life, so you can focus on your pet’s well-being and spending quality time together.


When a pet is diagnosed with cancer, we provide chemotherapy as an option for cancer treatment. Our approach to chemotherapy includes pet owner education on the process and support for the side effects.


We use ultrasound technology to create images (or sonograms) of your pet’s body for an accurate analysis. Ultrasound provides us with a means of non-invasive evaluation of your pet’s physical condition. From emergencies to organ health, we can see below the surface with our ultrasound equipment to provide quality veterinary care for your pet’s wellbeing.


When a pet’s quality of life diminishes due to a chronic condition or illness, the time arises to consider gentle euthanasia. Our staff can help you understand your pet’s condition and quality of life, so you can make an informed decision. We also answer any questions pet owners may have concerning the process. Academy Animal Hospital also offers at-home euthanasia. 

We are the only clinic in the area that offers at-home, end-of-life care.

In House Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy is stocked for all your pets pharmaceutical needs for your convenience. No need for additional trips or waiting for your prescription to be approved.

In House Lab

Our in house lab offers state of the art urine, fecal & blood analyzers, digital radiography + dental digital radiography, two ventilators in the building (only clinic in the area that uses ventilators for patient safety), offering telemed appointments,